Weight-loss Surgery?

      I debated if I wanted to share this with people but for me to make the strides I need to make in my journey I figured it would do me some good to do such. I have known about weight-loss surgery options for a while. I even personally know of people who have done it. I was always interested but never thought I would be a candidate to get the surgery. All these years in the back of my mind I wondered about the pros and cons. Once I felt closer to reaching my decision (which took me a year to decide and multiple insurance calls) I knew what was best for me. Getting this surgery was that.

I was tired of the ups and downs of me losing weight. Not liking to get on the scale. Any hard work I put into losing the pounds they seem to just creep back up or you feel so limited. The clothing options, being uncomfortable and looking in the mirror or at pictures to only think to yourself what happened, why are you this size? I’m not going to say I never loved myself because of my obesity but the struggle to accept how much I weigh or peoples opinions of my weight was very hard for me.

My decision was to go with the lap band but after my consultation with surgeon she suggested VSG- vertical sleeve gastrectomy. I agreed and trusted her because I had did most of my research on VSG anyways. So, here we are today…4 VSG nutritionist appointments in and prepping to get the surgery by May/June of this year. I will be updating the blog on my whole journey and process. I also started another YouTube channel to help document this and show my every day life, vlogging. Comment below on your thoughts and experiences.

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