I Became an itWorks! Independent Distributor

I officially became an itWorks! Distributor this month. I joined my cousin’s team. Since I’m on my weight loss and skin care kick I was happy to try  the line out. Before I turned distributor I was a loyal customer for a few days. Once my cousin spoke to me about the levels and different ways to reach goals. I was enthused with the possibilities of what this new venture could bring to my family and I. Honestly, I was nervous. This was out of my comfort zone. I wasn’t sure should I take the chance. To hear $100 to start and you have to build your own customers? It was out of the norm for me. I work at an office job and go to school to finish up my degree. All I know is that I had questions and concerns.

After speaking to my cousin several times and other women on the our team, it was a GO for me! I’ve had 2nd jobs that didn’t amount to much. I thought if I was willing to work for someone else and get a paycheck, why not put that same faith into myself. Build something.

I am very new to this and at this very moment only have 2 loyal customers. Where as I need 4 loyal customers within my 1st 30 days in order to see back my $100 investment and get rewards/commission. I am working out my strategy and doing what I need to obtain those 2 other loyal customers. I’m ready. The products haven’t disappointed me yet and I know they wont let down my customers.

If you’re wondering what come after distributor, here’s a quick look. Next is Executive, Ruby, and Emerald on a management level. These are people that you can go to for guidance. You still are your own boss. the next levels are leadership roles like Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, Presidential Diamond, Ambassador Diamond. This company has millions, thousandaires and I want to be able to share great products and win. We can do this together. If interested contact me or visit my site fitqueenj.itworks.com.



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