Rebrand: Another Name Change

        Hey guys, I feel every post starts off with me saying, “sorry I haven’t posted in a while but”. Its something I realize and need to work on. I truly love my blog and have so many ideas for it but I seem to always never have the time to dedicate to keeping it current. I know I have to be consistent. Which is why I want to work on getting my life in order. At times I have so many different things going through my mind. I know I need to focus and I know I need set out to accomplish these blog goals that I have and personal goals as well.

With that being said I am changing the blog name again. I was GlamSoup.com then switched it to Goldiewolf.com and now I am changing it to Livingforj.com. I feel that I have changed in ways; spiritually, mentally, and soon physically and I want somewhere for me to reflect. For years I put my wants and feeling to the side to make others happy. Goldiewolf was a time where I believed that I was strong but alone and wanted to find others who understood/felt that. I then realized through spiritual evolution’s & much more that I needed to put JERRITA first, live for me and not care about judgement.

I’m excited for Livingforj and anyone who gets this I hope you are living for you too. This blog will be the same but more personal, my faith, my weight loss updates, craft projects and whatever else I am passionate about. Butterfly Living.



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