August Update: 5 up 5 down



It’s been 1 month and 2 week since my weight gain post. Since then there has been no progress with dropping the pounds. I thought I would be full steam ahead and be committed but little did I know that would be all a dream.

Okay. I started off good by watching my food choices, making daily journal entries in my Diaro app. Using Diet Point to help with meal ideas. This went on until  August 18. Reading my journal entry I was having a very angry emotional day. I was just mad with my life. Things weren’t happening for me like I wanted them. Prior to that last entry I was going through some stressful issues with work and family. Looking back at August my mind started to lose focus and on top of that my schedule changed all the way up. I now have class 2 evenings a week and have to pick my son up from school the other 3 days (his dad use to pick him up). Which has resulted in my gym time to being ZERO. NONE. I will work out at home but I prefer the gym or being out the home because I have a nagging neighbor. The noise from me exercising will have her knocking on my damn door. No thank you but anyways come the weekend I’m busy with family, activities, homework or I’m tired and want to relax.

Before my new schedule I had more free time after work to go to the gym, workout outside, go for a walk. What I need to do is figure out a way to work around this new schedule. I definitely know these pounds aren’t going to disappear on their on. I have to come up with an alternative and not just be in limbo the whole time.

I’m between 240-245lbs now. From August my weight goes up 5 down 5 every week. To see my point this is me September 19th the weekend of my 28th b-day. Do you see the double chin? I don’t like what I see in this pic, so I’m using this as a reminder to do something about it. I noticed my legs have gotten fatter too. Normally my legs are slimmer and always the 1st thing to go when I lose weight.


I’m honestly disappointed in myself with not making better food choices and no time to workout but I will keep pushing. What I will do is come up with some resolutions and implement them into my life. Like a better workout schedule, food choices, less sugar, less stress and use my fitness apps consistently.  I’ll tell you how that goes in November. Comment and let me know how your August came along.



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