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download (1)It’s been months now since my last blog entry. Hello there! I wish I could be more dedicated to posting but I’m just not one of those people who can have real life situations pop off and still be focused with blog posting. Sorry. Please understand.

Now on to a somewhat good foot, I’ve decided to track my weight loss journey on the blog. I remember last year on the blog I did an entry on my halfway point to losing 30 pounds. When doing that I thought I would be updating you guys, posting pictures but shortly after posting (several weeks) I lost my momentum. I got back into the bad habits. Slowly. Which brings us to current day. I have gained it all back except for about 5 pounds. Can I get some side eye on that 5 pounds? Yes, 5 pounds. I don’t get it. It’s so easy to gain the weight but so damn hard to lose it.

See, I didn’t pay attention to the pounds coming back but after sitting back and thinking on it, I can see how. I was eating sweets whenever I felt like it. Drinking sugary teas (McDonald’s). Eating pass 8 pm. Late night eating. I talking about “dinner” at like 11 pm or later sometimes. Snacking on high calorie foods. Inconsistent workouts and being stressed out. Spreading myself too thin.

The thing about this is when things are playing out you don’t completely think about your future circumstances. Personally, most times I don’t make those bad decision to think about the extra pounds that will come later on. Probably because my intentions are to eat better or work it off  but it just doesn’t happen. Then turn around weeks or months later heavier and disappointed. I’ve realized weight lose is mental. You have to be your own advisor or monitor. You can’t let your cravings win more often than your needs and plans. It’s real hard but pointing that out can be a step towards something. That’s what I’m telling myself.

I also told myself that this time around I would BETTER track my progress. I thought if I post my journey from beginning to end that would make me more accountable. My goals attainable. I still want the same things.


Flat tummy

No rolls

No mommy pouch

Smaller arms

No double chin

Complete toned body

(but not skinny)

Size 8/10

My height is 5’2 and some centimeters. My start weight this time around is 240 lbs. Goal weight 160-165 lbs. Totaling out 70-80 pounds needed to hit my goal. I don’t want to put a date on the goal but will say 2 pounds a week should be good.

Here’s me now: (8/2015)


So far, I narrowed down what I need to do to obtain this goal. Cut out the sweets. More gym days. No eating pass 8:45 pm. Credit to the Diet Point app. It sets my eating times depending on which diet you choose. I chose the Flat Tummy diet. Logging my thoughts and meals. Getting apps to help me stay focused. More vegetables. (Lite) Meal Prep. More water. Cut out the stress. More sleep. Which is going to be hard because I start back school this fall. I’ll stay positive.

I’m going to focus, the best I can. I really hope posting from the beginning will keep me on track.  Here are some free apps I downloaded that looked helpful.




S Health (Samsung factory app)

If you know of any other apps or tips feel free to share below. I will update my journey as much as possible under the “Jerrita4Real” tab of the blog.


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