Room Makeover (8 year old girl)

Here’s another room makeover. I’m happy to be posting something to this blog of mines. I hope you like this transformation I did as well. On a $200 budget I turned my client’s 8 year old daughter’s room from glue residue walls, no storage space and unorganized closet into a little pink and purple diva bungalow. She loved it! I wanted to translate her personality in her design and give everything a place. As a little girl (kid) with your own room, you want to be able to enjoy your space and be able to clean up as easily as possible. I remember those days even as a teenager :roll:. Not wanting to clean your room.

So, with all my client’s needs and wants I came up with ideas and started shopping for the makeover. This job was a little tough. My client’s older daughter used a very strong glue to post pictures and magazine clippings to the wall when she had the room 1st. I had to scrape the hard glue residue off the wall with a flat head and then sand the areas down smooth. This is needed in order for the wall to finish smooth. It took me about 2 hours to do this. Warning: this does take a little elbow grease and arm strength but the end result is great and you couldn’t even tell there was any hard glue lumps on the wall before. Also to cut cost and make the room more personalized I tie-dyed some curtains. This was my 1st time. They came out great but next time I will use bigger rubber bands to better hold the fabric in place when using the Shibori technique. Check below to see how it turned out.


White cotton curtains


(any other color curtains you like)

Fabric Dye

diy tie dyeI wanted to try a new technique to tie-dye the curtains. I came across this tutorial.

Using my tongs I dipped each side in the dye instead of submerging the entire curtain fold leaving some white to show.

Room Before


Room After


To organize the room I bought bins for the top and bottom of the closet, kiddie storage dresser and a closet organizer.

After sanding, I primed the wall white then painted the focus wall purple. Added a mirror with a cute wall canvas over top. Cleaned and organized the room, hung up a shoe rack and towel hook. Put down a pink peace sign area rug.

organizeAnd laid new pillows down on the futon portion of the bunk bed but forgot to take pics 😐 . I finished this in 1 day. Still working on my room photo angles. Bare with me. Meanwhile, If you like this makeover or have questions comment below.

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