What’s Lavender, White and Black?

I’m happy to post my 1st room makeover. I have been doing home decor for myself, close friends and family for years but out of nowhere other people have been wanting me to do projects for them.  Honestly, I don’t mind. I enjoy crafting and designing. It feels good to be able to take my ideas and make other people happy.


I didn’t go to school or take classes for interior design. I am not a trained professional but I am experience enough to go side projects and share them with you guys.

OK, I did my best friend Jessica’s whole living room and her dinning room wall a few months ago. Sorry wish I had pictures to show you but it came out good. Well a friend of a friend saw it and contacted me to do her bedroom and bathroom. I took on the challenge!

The “client” (sounding like I’m all business like LOL) she only wanted me to paint. Which was fine. I came over checked the space out and gave her a “consultation”. Her bedroom before was blank. Her bathroom before had an weird grey/beige color to the walls. She was very open to let me do what I wanted. That made me happy but I still try to pull from the person’s personality or style.

Check below to see Before and After

{I wish I would have took better pictures}



I painted the whole room purple and did a white geometric design on the accent wall

(the orange butterfly was already there)





I painted the whole bathroom white & did the half white half black effect

(sorry for pictures angles/quality)



I do apologize for the angles and quality but I will do better next time for you guys

More to come!




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