Kid Room Makeover

I’m back with my 2nd GWolf Designs makeover. This time I did a children’s room. On this project my client has two little boys. Age 6 1/2 and 4 1/2. Just a few months away from 7 and 5. She attempted to do the room herself with the help of the little ones but wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. She also wanted their room to feel homey, fun, and organized. Giving them some where to retreat to instead of all over the house.

I told her no problem! Especially since I have my own little man (6 1/2 yr.old). I knew exactly what she needed. Just like the last project this project was done in 1 day. Matter of fact it was a half of day on a Sunday. We were crunched for time. At this point my juices are flowing. I get pumped over figuring out design options. It’s weird. I get this energy rush and get all excited. Hopefully it doesn’t show that much on the outside.

Any who, I made a list of things we might need and we went over the budget. Then we headed to the stores. After picking up a few things we decided to knock a few things off the list that weren’t essential. FYI:It’s OK, you can always wait to get those extra items when you have the extra money. The budget is always top priority in my book.

The Children’s List

organizing unit/shelf



t.v stand



wall art

shoe rack

coat rack


light bulbs

picture frames

sheet sets

air freshener

and a couple other things

**fix the prior paint job**

After buying materials, I started fixing some of the paint flaws. I added a white zig zag design to pop the wall more. I reorganized the closet and room. Cleaned up. Switched the room all the way around by re-positioning their beds and the focal point of the room. I think it really helped with opening the room up and giving them more space to play around. In the pictures you may notice the curtains or the new t.v stand are not up. We had a minor tool problem or lack there of tools. Hey shit happens!


Working on my decor picture angles. Bare with me. thanks




For some reason I didn’t take a proper inside room picture

CollageThe pictures I took aren’t showing the overall change of the room. In person the feng shui was perfect. The vibe was of new, homey, fun and comfortable. Exactly what my client wanted¬† :-). She was pleased. The kids were happy. Their reactions were shock face frozen. Their little mouths were hanging open. It was too cute. I should have recorded it.

Can’t wait to share more of my projects.

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