1st Blog Baby Shower

Yes, that is correct. This is my 1st blog baby shower but not my 1st baby shower rodeo. Bad Joke? I know. Thank me later for my corny humor. Well you guys let me explain. In the past I have decorated my own baby shower and my little sister’s baby shower but that was long before my blogging days and when Myspace was still cool 😯 . This time around I was put in charge of decorating my oldest niece baby shower. She’s having a girl.

This would be a task because my niece had her own ideas and demands but surely not the budget to back it up. I was the voice of reason and budget chin checker. We agreed on colors and from there I started coming up with ideas. Now, seeming my sister and I both had boys I had to lean on Pinterest to guide me. Thank you Pinterest! The shower theme influence was modern tea party. The colors were light pink, soft yellow, white, and hints of gold. I knew from jump that DIY’ing would be a great idea and help with the cost. After figuring out the details I made a list (I’m queen of making a damn list). Then I decided what projects to take on and what supplies I would need.

DIY List  

Diaper Cake- (gift from me)

Photo Backdrop

Centerpieces- vase with slices lemons in water and 2 weighed balloons- gold & pink

Table Runners

Sweet table -goodies

Punch- Fresh Blueberry Lemonade with Peach slices

Tiered serving trays

**not pictured is the punch supplies,  punch, plain yellow table runners and centerpieces ( I forgot to take a pics but it was a hit at the shower)**


3 tier Diaper Cake:

108 count Luvs diapers-

rolling each diaper with small rubber band and stacking as you go. Use a cardboard base,removable adhesive and skewers to secure.


Finished Diaper Cake


The Sweet/Cake and Food Table

Table Runner– cut fabric according to your table length. Use hemming tape to hem edges and give the store bought look. easy but time comsuming.


Table decorations and Photo Backdrop 


Mother to be


Below are the supplies needed to make the: Diaper Cake, Serving trays, Table Runners, Pink Chocolate Pretzels/Popcorn, Pink Rice Krispies Treats

case of diapers, rubber bands, cute decorations, cake base, adhesive, ribbon

old dishes, hot glue

fabric, hem tape, iron

rice krispies, pretzels, popcorn white chocolate, butter, marshmallows, sandwich bags, ribbon, red food color

Everyone enjoyed themselves. I was the decorator the host and the everything in between. So, I wasn’t able to capture everything. Hope you guys like these projects. Comment below.

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