GWolf T-shirt (Soft) Launch

I am excited to announce that I am launching a T-shirt line. I have been plotting this idea for a year and I’m glad to say I’m making it really happen. I wanted to do a t-shirt line for 1  to create something that could be bold, simple and universal and 2 because I wanted to make extra cash. Yes, make some extra cash! I also wanted to be able to embrace & display a lifestyle and motto of my very own. The tees will be an extension of the blog. The 1st design to come out will be the “Eatin’ Good” logo. This slogan/motto is nothing new but for me, to be able to capture how you feel and to openly share it on a tee was what I was aiming for. 1 shirt, 1 statement but with many possibilities. It’s all up to you. So, whether you are promoting self prosperity, getting fit, making big moves happen or literally eating luxuriously;this shirt is here to represent that.

With that said. Let’s Eat Good, Live Good and Feel Good!

Click store link below:

GWolf Ebay Store 


FYI: the batch of tees being sold do run small. Sorry. You will need to go up a size. Tight fit but Stretch. Next batch sold will be TRUE to SIZE. 

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