DIY Sweatshirt


Old or Thrifted Sweatshirt

Iron-on Letters


*Measuring Tape & chalk (optional)


Get your head out of the gutter! You have 1 sick mind or we both have 1 sick mind. Well, I told you I had some more do it your self projects coming. Now, I know you probably are thinking what’s up with the letters. WET?! Why? What does it mean? What are you trying to insinuate? It seems a little raunchy. I know. Go ahead and give me all kinds of side eyes. It’s OK but its not exactly what it seems and better yet it’s exactly what I wanted it to seem. Let me give you my reasoning behind this choice. LOL

Alright. I went to the store to buy the iron-on letters with a totally different caption in mind but little did I know they were going to be sold out of the letters I needed. I thought to myself ” what else could I say on my tee”? I needed something in 1 or 2 words that were interesting, cute, kind of funny, cool, unique and a tad sexy in a weird way. I started thinking about back in the day how everyone use to use the word “WET” to replace the word COOL, HOT or TIGHT. When they would describe things that were super cool. Maybe it was a DC thing? I don’t know but it was funny looking back on it. Then the light bulb went off. I bought my items and then many weeks later on a blessed snow day I completed this DIY. Take it how you may. I like my shirt and I’ll let other people judge as they will. Check below for how I styled and transformed this sweatshirt.       

Measure placement out then make your marks. I have a larger chest so I was more comfortable with 5 inches down from collar right above the boob area.

After placement and markings, align letters and iron on as directed.

Sweatshirt- Hanes (thrifted) D.I.Y
Burgundy Leather Tennis Skirt- Thrifted
Stockings- Target or Beauty Supply
Platform Shoes- Rainbow (old)
Accessories- H&M (old)
PS. Let me know how much you would have paid for a sweatshirt like this? I will admit I have paid $20 bucks in the past on a crafted sweatshirt. That was my laziness & impulse that decided to buy that day. Never again will I do that!

One response to “DIY Sweatshirt”

  1. Kat says:

    This is hot, simple but still a statement. Very easy as well! and wet was more of a DC thing either way…it looks great and the tights….to hot!

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