D.I.Y Ombre & Striped Picture Frames

D.I.Y Picture Frame & MugIMG_24141


Old Picture Frames

Old Mug

Spray Paint

Acrylic Paint

Tape & Brush




Hi! Yes. Shameful, I know. I have been busy and on top of that just lazy. Sad case. You don’t have  to tell me. I had brought some  items from the thrift store a while ago to do a few D.I.Y projects. Somehow, I never got to it until now when I was blessed with a few snow days last month. Instead of me laying around the house I decided to do something with my time and start crafting. In 2 days I did 1 sweatshirt, 1 sweater, 2 mugs and 2 picture frames. I was on a roll! I will show you guys the sweaters in another post. When doing the picture frames I thought I had and idea of what I wanted but changed up once I started. For these 2 projects you will the above supplies. I’m only showing 1 mug of of the 2 in this post because I still need to put another layer of chalk paint on the mug. 1 of the picture frames is for my son’s school picture and the other frame is for my niece’s sonogram. You probably thought that was my little peanut growing inside me but HELL NO! I’m fine with 1 kid right now in my life. Any who, she loved it and then tried to designate me as the baby shower decorator. That’s total different story and maybe even a post. We’ll see. In the meantime check below and let me know what you think.

Before: Supplies & less than $1 frames & mugs. Spray paint items white. Let dry for 2 hours
I started with doing a green and white diamond design but I didn’t like it. So, I repainted it white and did a gray and white striped design instead. For straight lines use the tape to help stay lined up and use the paint to touch-up when necessary 
Finished Project
Here is the mug I did for my friend’s 27th B-day. It says Be Kind, Work Hard. She has been having a few work issues and I thought this would be a great way to remind her to keep positive and keep pushing.
After the mug dried from the spray paint. I painted the whole mug pink. Then, I free hand the white stripe. Once that 2nd layer dried I used a flower and ‘A’ stencil for the mug design. Let dry. Then painted my motivation caption at the bottom. Let dry over night and gift bagged it with tissue paper.
She loved it! 

If you like these projects try to do them yourself. Its cheap and easy. It may take time but its worth it. Especially for a gift.

2 responses to “D.I.Y Ombre & Striped Picture Frames”

  1. Kat says:

    I like…switching up the frame idea was good that green originally maybe for a grandma’s picnic lol. I totally understand how time gets the best of us… When you are free you just want to relax…now i have to get back on the wagon and contribute to golide wolf…got to get back to the pack 🙂

    • Editor says:

      Thanks. I was trying to do a diamond design but the green wasn’t a good choice so I had to repaint it start over lol & yes im getting back slowly & cant wait for your post!

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