Cut Out


Old or Thrifted Sweater


Measuring Tape

Paper/Marker (optional)


I’m so proud of myself. Another post! See… I’m the type of person that puts family and life 1st. Which causes me to not be as consistent with the blog as I would ultimately like. All I can do is not be so hard on myself. Know that I am trying and finally complete some of these articles and projects that I have planned for you guys. Any who, I got around to this thrifted sweater. I hated the collar of the sweater but I liked the white with little multi-color specks coming from underneath and the chevron inspired design. I wanted to try the cut out style but didn’t have the kind of shirt I wanted to do it with. So, I decided to try it out on this sweater instead. I think it turned out pretty good. Yes, once I lose more weight it will give me the look I was aiming for but that’s neither here or there. It did turned out wearable. Check below for pics on how I styled it.

Measure out how big you want your cutouts and what shape you want them.I did my shape about 5 1/2 inches wide and around. Draw the shape out using measurements. Cut the shape out. Place the cutout shape on sweater and cut accordingly.

Sweater-Thrifted: DIY
Tribal Bandeau-  Forever21
White Cargo Skinny’s- Old Navy
Shoes- New Balance
Accessories-  Thrifted & Forever21
PS. My niece took these pics for me. Half of the shots were cut off at the foot. I asked her why is she cutting my shoes off. She says because I should change them! She didn’t like my choice. It made me think for 1 second did I pick the right shoe choice? Then 1 second after that I responded: “This is how I would wear this outfit. I like my choice. It’s me.” She says: “Yea, I know  (with a grin).”
{With that I remind you to stay true to YOU. Regardless, on what people might say or what’s in trend.

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  1. Some of your pictures are marked private. The sweater looks good!

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