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I’ am pleased to say that we held our 1st event this Saturday at Local 16 & it was a SUCCESS! I was scared, nervous and anxious all at the same time. I’m so happy and relieved that we were able to accomplish 1 of our goals this year. As well as having the event behind me. It was fun but it is a lot of work getting all the details in place, setting up, organizing, hosting, promoting and the list goes on. 😉

First, we want to thank our sponsors: Local 16, Policy, Bake Housedc, Atlas Fitness & Dancy Beauty Mobile Spa for supporting us and donating some awesome prizes. We also would like to thank Martha’s Table for allowing us to help raise money, supply clothing and food for dc families for their organization.

Kat & I are still thrilled for being able to throw this event and having people come out and enjoy themselves. When we decided to do this we said we wanted it to be enjoyable to all the attendees. I think we were able to make that happen! It was all smiles Saturday. People were expressing how much fun they were having. Not to mention the good music, food, cupcakes,cookies, drink specials and most of all being able to find some good threads.

Once the event was coming to an end. We started packing up all the items and cleaning up. There were so many items it was crazy. We came out having 6 big bags and about 4 boxes of clothing, shoes and accessories to be given to Martha’s Table. Oh & let’s not forget the proceeds! We were able to raise $101.00 for the charity as well. It might not seem like much to some but to us it was GREAT!

Thank you again to everyone who had a part in this and who also supported us. We really appreciate it! <3

Here’s a few pics. (FYI: We do plan on throwing another swap. We will keep everyone posted)

food & dj ronb

ladies shopping

having fun
me hosting

raffle winners
Winners of the raffle game. Both winner won 2 prizes a piece. Dancy Mobile Spa Gift Certificate  1/2 dozen cupcakes from BakeHouse dc, Atlas Fitness Gym Membership, Policy Brunch for 2 with unlimited mimosas.
All in all we had a good time, nice turnout and leftover items for months to last for the charity. On top of that, attendees have been leaving reviews about their experience. Which has been great and motivating to continue on to our next event.
Here are a few reviews:

Note: all items were displayed nicely folded and organized but the ladies went in on them LOL 😆  

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