We are back up and running! Long time I know. We have been out of commission for awhile but for a good darn reason. Our rebirth. Yes, rebirth! It has been a challenge but I feel like I needed to change what WAS into what IS and what is to BE.


       Honestly, the site has never taken completely off. No hundreds of visitors a day or nothing grand, some might not even know our old name was GlamSoup. With that name I’ve had probably 3 redesigns to the site. Looking back, I think I was pushing towards something I couldn’t quite attain yet because my vision took over the purpose. Which caused a disconnection with me and eventually nothing ever felt right to post about. I started to ask myself “why am I posting this?” “Is it because it’s what I think other people (and when I say people I mean bloggers LOL) want or will accept?


      After having that conversation with my self and other life changes that started to unfold. I came to the realization that I should do ME! Don’t worry about people’s judgement or being accepted. I told myself “don’t be afraid to be who you are.” “You are different and it’s OK, you have always felt like a lone wolf following its own path & that is perfectly fine.


      A few signs and freaky coincidences later brought me full circle to wanting to change the name and tweak the direction of the site. I figured there’s people that could relate and Goldie Wolf could start the new beginning to that. The rebirth. The revival. The New New. The spirit of a new journey. I could go on & on but I’m not lmao.


     So, at last I give you GoldieWolf.com!!!!!!!! Where being the lone wolf is OK and together we are a pack.


Thank you for supporting. 

– Jerrita      Goldie-Wolf-Badge-blackii



Shortlink http://eeb.me/839333

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