I Love the 90’s Pillowcase Set DIY



-2 Old Pillowcases

-Fabric Paint

– Stencils

-Brush or Sponge







OK, a few weeks ago I went to the thrift store trying to find some pieces. Especially the half off color tag items but didn’t really find much. The thrift store is not like how it use to be. I SWEAR TO YOU items are overpriced these days but hey what can I do?! Anyways, I continue to walk around hoping to find something. I ended up going in the bedding section to glance around. Then wham! I saw this 90’s printed pillowcase and memories of my favorite TV shows from the earlier days came clouding my mind.

PicMonkey Collage6

This pillowcase reminded me of Save by the Bell. Its pastel but vibrant colors and little black specks. Even though I’m a 80’s baby I love the 90’s and loved the TV shows and movies that during that decade. After eyeing and inspecting the pillowcase damage free I checked the tag & I had winner. Under $1.00 in good condition, then I realized I needed another case to make a set & ended up buying 4 cases to make 2 sets.
    Let me tell you that this projects took a little longer than expected. At first, I thought that 30 mins would be enough time. As I started I realized this project  would take more time than that & more  like 1-2 hrs depending on your patience & design choices. 
    This 1st set is inspired my the 90’s. So I decided to pair the colorful case with a plain pink case and pay homage to 1 of my favorite 90’s movies. Clueless. Love that movie! The 2nd set I did I will make another post  to show how I did it. That set was inspired by wanting to being a sassy flirt in the bedroom. Wink Wink lol
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Hope you thought this DIY was useful & different. Comment below and let me know your thought. 

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