Homemade Baked Jalapeno Potato Chips (FAIL)





-Olive Oil

-Salt & Pepper

-Jalapeno Pepper








I have been on this Jalapeno chips kick for a few weeks now. I think they have become 1 my favorite flavors lately. I have always been a fan of Jalapeno flavor chips but lately I’ve been on them hard. Not too hard to the point that its messing with my weight loss journey but hard enough that I decided too make my own. I checked around online & found a recipe (I’ll link it here). I thought it was simple enough and would give me just enough heat.

First, everything was going find. I got the ingredients, sliced them up on my Ninja Blender, salt, peppered & oiled the mixture. Even took an Insta-video. I was so hyped! Then I placed the chips on a baking pan without foil because I ran out and thought ” OH I SHOULD BE GOOD” smdh I should have known. I then placed them in the over on the recommended temperature 375.

I started fooling around in the house. Smelling the chips cooking, the spicy aroma in air but then got so side tracked that I took them out too late. Must I say the disappointment I felt when I took them out  :cry:. I was pissed. It was a chip Fail Fail Fail! After leaving them on the counter I got over it. I figured I’ll post my fail to show you guys and then on my redo hopefully they will come out right to show you how they are suppose to turn out.

The potatoes I had were on there last days. I washed and cut out the potato eyes. Sliced. Put in a container to mix with salt, pepper & olive oil, panned,then put in over to bake


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What could I have done differently? Any suggestions or tips? Comment below.

2 responses to “Homemade Baked Jalapeno Potato Chips (FAIL)”

  1. ben says:

    You could have oven dried the fresh jalapeno and then pulverize the chips into dust and mix with salt until you get the flavor profile/ratio you want.Then sprinkle on chips when they come out of fryer.

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