DIY Wired Headband


IMG_2211Supplies Needed 

-Old or New Headband

-Jewelry Wire

-Wire Cutters or Pliers








OK, I’m back with another easy D.I.Y project. I came up with this idea in effort to transform my old headbands. 1 day I was searching around the house for 30 mins in hopes of finding  a certain band but unlucky me 😥 I never found it. After going through all my junk  &  looking at the mess I made I was like: “WHOA I HAVE A SHIT LOAD OF OLD ASS HEADBANDS!” I thought what can I do with these?! This is crazy! I couldn’t believe how many bands I collected over the years. On top of that, I knew I wouldn’t EVER WEAR any of them any time soon. So, I did what any non-hoarder would do…I started purging bands left to right!

There were a few bands that were still good with a sturdy base but I didn’t like the designs anymore. Then BAM! An idea came to mind to remake my headbands. I wanted sometime easy structured but fun. I thought wire… gold wire! I didn’t have it in “stock” at home so when I had the time I stopped pass the craft store. I bought 10 yards of gold jewelry wire. I wanted to make sure I had enough 😆 .  Then the next day I started crafting & there you have it my new D.I.Y Gold Wire Headbands. I loved this project and I will be making more very soon. I also wanted to do a triangle design but when you have a 5 year old running around you only have but so much time to dedicate to making the small details workout in your favor SMH. I guess that’s it you guys. Check below on how I made the wire bands.

PS. I also made my debut as a plus size model LOL. I kid I kid but really this modeling shit is hard work. I hope to get better at it. Don’t judge me too much. I have no idea what I’m doing!!!!! I can take selfies all day but this in front of the camera thing might not be for me. I want to start showing how I would wear stuff but IDK. I’ll try to keep it up but behind the lens is where I’m more comfortable. Wish me luck!



Be kind. I’m new to this.

rocking the headband


supplies diy headbands

Top: I dissembled the fabric off the old headbands

Bottom: I wiped the bands off clean then started to wrap the jewelry wire around. You can make any design or pattern you desire. Then cut & tuck ends with pliers. I choose loop shapes and kind of disfigured shaped hearts.


Finished Project. Easy!


My attempt at modeling

me modeling

Here are some extra pics. As well, as my niece trying to show me how to be photogenic. Love her!

top- diy cut up vintage tee
shorts- diy bleached jeans into shorts
cardigan- target (old) 
shoes-purple converse 
random accessories
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