DIY Studded Lace Pockets (Jean Shirt)

jeanshirtdiyD.I.Y Items:

-Old Jean Shirt (with pockets)


-Lace trim


-Measuring Tape



Jean me, stud me and lace me!  That’s exactly how I’m feeling today. For some odd reason I had so much energy. I thought to myself…let me take advantage of this time because I know I will end up getting tired or even too busy to do this project. Then I ran over to my DIY bin (yes literally RAN like a crazed toddler at craft time LOL ) and started pulling out trim and fabric. I know my neighbors below me were pissed 🙄 . Word to the wise: never live over top of angry people. It will be HELL!

On a happy note, I was going to be having a little fun time to myself <–(Did that sound lonely? Comment below & let me know) Really I’m in giggles even writing this story but anyways  at first I was going to DIY a pair of shorts inspired for Coachella. I shortly changed my mind because I wouldn’t have enough time to finish. I quickly thought of option B and grabbed the thrifted jean shirt that I scored last year for 2$ instead and got to work!

This do-it-yourself  is easy peasy. I tend to like easy quick alternatives. This project gives you that needed accent to an already good structured shirt. Something to make it your own. To turn simple into exclusive.

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Items Needed: shirt trim studs scissors measuring tape 
[After starting I changed my stud to the brass triangle instead of the silver square as pictured above. Note finished picture. I liked the look better] 

PicMonkey Collagea
Measure your pocket, cut trim accordingly, place trim on pocket and align stud as desired. Be careful with studs they might be hard to get through the denim (use a butter knife or your scissors to bend backs)

PicMonkey Collageb
Before & After


Shortlink http://eeb.me/954785

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