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 There are two features I notice first on myIMAG0940 face and others- Eyes and then the lips. I love these super soft, suck-able lip smackers.
I just started adding more color to my lips, as I always loved a nice sheer gloss, or with a hint of color.
However, my beloved will always be a nice moisturizing lip balm. Now, that winter is definitely showing out –
I surely need one that does the job. I have a new favorite lip balm and it was a  homemade gift. I enjoy homemade gifts, especially using all natural products. So, when I received this I was elated, I tried it and my lips melted and danced at the same time.
I can not thank my friend Deja enough for this gift. She has a wonderful spirit well. Also, very talented and her D.I.Y. products are simply fab!
So, I had to ask her
What made you decide to make your own lip balm?

“I looked at the ingredients on the labels of lip balms in the store and just thought.”I am putting unhealthy ingredients with names that I can’t even pronounce on my lips everyday. I wonder how hard it would be to learn to make it on my own.” Then I did my research and found so many reasons why creating your own beauty products and getting as natural as possible has so many benefits for your health! I researched the ingredients and tailored it to what I had and found out just how easy and fun it was! I haven’t looked back since! “
What are your favorite D.I.Y. Beauty products?
” Favorite D.I.Y Products
Greek Yogurt deep conditioner-All natural Protein treatment. Used for creating shine and restoring strength to hair
Shea body butter all purpose blend- Used for the hair and skin to DEEPLY moisturize! “
 Her coveted Lip Balm recipe 
The ingredients
[Ingredients] (Depending on how many servings you want, tailor the amount you buy to how much your making)
(For one serving) can make 3 to 4 containers worth
Block of beeswax( can be purchased in a health food store) less than 1/2 a pound
Shea butter 16oz (can be purchased at beauty supply store/ or If you want a fresher batch, purchase at a Whole Foods, (They produce it fresh in store)
Ylang Ylang essential oil (can be purchased in a health food store)
Small containers either tin cans or plastic
Using a double boiler (If you don’t have a double boiler place a smaller pot over a larger pot, having the larger pot filled less then half with water, making sure there is a good amount of space between them.)
Place the beeswax(however much you choose to use, I use about a small handful) in the boiler along with twice as much Shea butter, stir until it is fully melted.
Once everything is fully melted, add a few drops of Ylang Ylang oil (the amount to your desire) to the mix, then add a few teaspoons of honey.
Once everything is fully mixed. Pour the amount needed to fill each container for your finished product. Let the product sit until fully solidified!(Can take between 20 and 30min. depending on the size of the container)
And there you go, your own 100% Homemade natural lip balm! Enjoy! 🙂

My lip Balm....and yes I couldn't resist

My lip Balm….and yes I couldn’t resist


This fairly easy to make and for Always kissable lips it’s worth. I hope you enjoy as this product as it is all natural, has no icky film like some balms, or glosses. It is a light fragrance and feel free to add your preferred essential oil instead of ylang ylang. 
 Your beau will have no problem being kissed by you with this on!

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